Home Farming in Eldorado

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Garden Annex

Tomatoes, peppers & squash
Compost area


The Garden Annex is the area on the other side of the Flower Garden wall. This area is watered by runoff from one of the gutters at the rear of the house when it rains. Otherwise it must be watered by water from the house.

The area consists of a raised bed where compost is added every year in the early spring. In the compost area there is an old unknown variety of peach that was planted there with a seedling from a pit by the previous owners.

Additionally, the black compost bin is kept there. We collect all kitchen trimmings (except meat and citrus) in the black compost bin and I put it into the gardening plots once a year in the early spring.

In 2012 I planted several varieties of both determinate and indeterminate tomatoes, sweet banana peppers and both bush yellow crookneck and zucchini squash. Several other varieties of tomatoes and peppers have been grown there in the past. (Mainly shishito and espelette peppers.)

I have not used this area of the farm to grow vegetables for the last couple of years, since it is harder to keep watered than the vegetable garden.