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May Flower Garden 2012

June Flower Garden 2012


The Flower Garden was begun by the previous owners of the property when they had the house built. Some of the larger plants in the garden were started by them, but they had planted more grass in the garden. The current transformation of the garden was begun in 2001 when we moved into the house. In addition to the plants a Japanese lantern and a horno were added. The horno was built by the famous micacous potter Felipe Ortego and his apprentices.

The Flower Garden Throughout the Years (2001-2011)

Garden Activities


Winter Spring Summer Fall


Winter Spring Summer Fall

In the flowering season I charted the months of the year that each of the plants are in bloom and how attractive they are to my bees. This can be followed by periodically checking the links below:

Eldorado Windy Farm Plants Blooming Schedule Eldorado Windy Farm Plants Blooming Table by date


Every year the plants grow thicker and larger and new ones are planted to take the place of the older ones that have died. I call this garden our "Magic Garden" because every year the plants come up in different places and grow at different rates than the previous years. It is always a suprise to see how the garden differs from the years before!

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