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The Lavender Garden


The Lavender Garden was begun in 2005. It is 15 ft. long and 14 ft. wide. In 2014 there were twenty-five individual plants representing nine varieties of lavender. The varieties were chosen for their eventual uses. Some varieties are better for potpourris, others for bouquets and still others for their sweet flavor in food and drinks. The varieties, number of plants and when they were planted ae as follows:

Potporri Ellagance Purple - 2013 (1)
Twikel Purple - 2009 (1)
Grosso- 2011 (1), 2015 (1)
Provence- 2008 (1), 2009 (3), 2013 (2)
Buena Vista- 2013 (2), 2014 (7), 2016 (4)
Royal Velvet - 2007 (1)
Super - 2006 (1)
Munstead - 2005 (1)
, 2013 (3), 2015 (3), 2016 (5)

Hidcote 2015 (3), 2016 (4)

Twickel Purple and Potporri Ellagance Purple make excellent small bouquets; Grosso, Provence, Super are used in potpourris; and Buena Vista, Munsted, Hidcote, and Royal Velvet have a mild, sweet flavor.
Here are some recipes that make use of sweet lavender.

The winters of 2012 and 2013 were devastating to many of the old plants, most of which were very woody and weak. This necessitated a major replanting. By 2015 many of the plants were replaced and doing well. More were replanted in 2016.

Below is a schematic of where each of the lavender plants are located in the Lavender Garden and the year that they were planted:

Lavender Plot Layout

2012 Activities

2013 Activities

2014 Activities

2015 Activities

2016 Activities

Began picking English culinary lavender on June 15 to dry. Buena Vista, Royal Velvet, Hidcote, and Munstead.

2017 Activities

This year was a good year for lavender. They had enough water before they bloomed so that there were lots of flowers. I picked all that I could and dried the buds for future use.