Home Farming in Eldorado

Santa Fe, New Mexico

The House and Surrounding Plants




The house was built in 1993 on the highest part of the 1.43 acre lot. It is set back from the street so that plants could be added to those already naturally in place. The wall surrounding the flower garden and the foundation plantings were done at that time. Several changes have been made around the outside and many of the larger plants were put in then. Originally the native plants on the property included one-seeded junipers, snakeweed, chamisa, four-wing saltbrush, cholla cactus and various grasses, annual and perennial weeds, prickly pear cactus and small pincushion cactus. To these were added pinion pines, colorado junipers, sagebrush, and apache plum.

Views From the House

There are many animals that have been seen around the house.